10 Best Vapes for Flavour

10 Best Vapes for Flavour

The vaping industry is growing tremendously with each passing day; however, every vaper has their vaping goals. Some are doing it for fun, others to help them quit smoking, and the various flavours hook others.

So, if you're a flavour chaser, finding a vape that delivers a rich, satisfying taste experience is likely at the top of your priority list. But with so many vapes on the market, it can be tough to know which ones will really deliver when it comes to flavour.

This means whether, you’re a fruit lover, or a dessert devotee, every vaper you need is available, although you may need to put in a little effort to ensure you get the best one. But worry not; this article is here for you.

Criteria for Selecting Correct Vapes for Flavour

Everyone has their preferable flavour in vapes, but the manufacturers also differ one from another in form of their ingredients ratio and many other production techniques. This is why similar flavours from different brands may have different tastes.

Here is, however, a perfect selection guide to help you choose the best vape for flavour:

Quality of materials and construction

The vape should be of a quality build, one that can withstand daily use and prevent leaks or damage to the device. Always remember a strong vape build means consistent vaping, which results in better flavour production.

Personal Experience and Testing

At this stage, it is possible to receive different advice from persons with their own tastebuds. So as much as it is good to read about reviews from other users of the vape, you also need to personally determine if the device is what you would admire in an individual flavour preference. Advisably, you may want to try different flavour options to find one that fits your needs.

Top 10 Best Vapes for Flavour

Here are some of the best vapes you want to check out for their flavour basis:

HorizonTech Falcon 2

The HorizonTech Falcon 2 is a sub-ohm tank with a maximum fill capacity of 5.2ml. This is not only for an extended vaping period; the sub-ohm tank is also a huge representation of flavour-intensified vaping because it takes in bigger coils.

The vape also comes with 2 Mesh coils of high quality and fan-woven mesh heating elements that increase the heating surface area for more vaporisation, which also means more flavour production. The unique coil technology in this vape also benefits from an adjustable airflow control system that guarantees a richer satisfying experience.

Uwell Valyrian 2 Pro

This vape has an 8ml sub-ohm tank that delivers rich and flavourful clouds from its extended vaping sessions. Uwell structures the vape with high-quality coils designed with a unique wicking system and a honeycomb structure. The structure provides a larger surface area for improved vaporisation, even e-liquid heating and increased flavour production.

The Uwell Valyrian 2 Pro also comes with an adjustable airflow control system that lets you customise the airflow to your desired restriction level for a unique flavour output. The tank also features a condensation holder at its bottom, which collects excess unvapourised liquid to ensure there are no leakages, thus giving you a continued vape experience.

Vaporesso target 200

The Vaporesso Target 200 comes with an innovative iTank that has an enlarged size and provides a fulfilling vaping experience. This tank is powered by a dual battery that also runs the advanced AXON 2.0 chipset in the device. So, in general, the batteries provide a 200W max power output that allows for cloud chasing and high-wattage vaping.

The Advanced chip also supports various output modes that determine your flavour intensity and other temperature control capabilities. This translates to optimal flavour and vapour production in conjunction with the various tank probabilities to suit your vaping preference.


The Argus vape is a high-performing vape mod that provides guaranteed flavour and cloud production. Among the many things responsible for this vape’s effective flavour is the advanced GENE.FAN.2.0 Chipset offering fast firing rates with a huge range of compatible tanks.

The Argus MT also has dual batteries that allow for up to 160W power output that affects different activities on the vape, including variable voltage mode, temperature control mode and many others that allow for a fan vaping experience.

Geekvape Z

The Geekvape Z is popular for its top-to-bottom airflow system that lets you customise the airflow as you desire for a tastier vaping experience. The vape also has a sub-ohm tank that entails Geekvape Z coils technology for optimal performance.

These coils have different resistances and are all made from different high-quality materials to boost the vape’s performance. The 5ml tank also lets you enjoy your favourite flavours for long without thinking about refilling them or switching the tanks frequently.

Its manufacturers were also keen on having a wide-bore drip trip that lets more vapour through the mouthpiece. This means inhaling and exhaling larger flavour intensified, vapour clouds that are sure to satisfy any vapour.

Uwell Crown V

Uwell vape brand redefines flavour-filled vapours with its wide range of advanced features and new innovative design elements. From a patented Pro-FOCS technology to precise, controllable airflow, this vape provides a clean and consistent flavour profile.

The patented pro-FOCS technology ensures air is recycled through the coil severally to produce intense flavour experiences. The Crown V model also has a unique airflow design that directs maximum air to the coil and evenly distributes in the tank to maximise the flavour produced by the vape.

Generally, the Uwell Crown V also features top-quality material builds that ensure the device lasts for as long as you want.

Freemax Fireluke 3

For the best flavours possible, the Freemax Fireluke 3 may be what you’ve been waiting for. The vape company uses a patented FM CoilTech 4.0 that ensures maximum flavour and vapour production. The coils are often of high-quality materials such as Kanthal and SS904L, all featuring diamond-like carbon coating for improved durability and longevity.

With an even distributing airflow system and an enlarged e-liquid tank of 5ml, you can confidently experiment different flavours for a pleasant output. The vape also has a child-resistant top fill that ensures children cannot tamper with the device and affect your settled flavour ranges.

HorizonTech SAKERZ

HorizonTech Sakerz is an amazing sub-ohm tank designed for great flavour and vapour production. The vape uses an advanced mesh coil technology for each of its 0.17ohm mesh coils and 0.16ohm mesh coils. This comes with a guarantee of a smooth vaping experience from its 5ml e-liquid capacity.

The Sakerz also features a leak-resistant adjustable top airflow design that delivers a smooth vaping experience through the top-to-bottom airflow design. The vape also comes with a quick slide coil feature that makes it simple to replace the coil in the vape simple without much struggle.

Geekvape Zeus

The Zeus model has exceptional features that contribute to its ability to produce great flavour. Among these features is a top airflow design that lets in fresh air to the coils, enhancing the overall vape production in the vape.

You will also notice high-quality material built of pyrex glass and stainless steel. This helps ensure every delicate vape component is enclosed in a corrosion-resistant and wear-free tank. This means you can enjoy your flavours from the vape for as long as you’d want.

Innokin Zenith II

This vape is designed for great flavour production from its advanced coil technology that increases the surface area of the heating element that the e-liquid gets in contact with. The larger surface area of the coils means that more e-liquid is vapourised with each puff, resulting in a more intense and flavorful vaping experience.

The tank also has a large e-liquid capacity tank that holds 5.5ml of e-juice. This means longer vaping sessions of your favourite flavours without constantly refilling the tank. So, by maximising the coils' surface area, using top-quality materials, and ensuring a high-tuning airflow, Innokin ensures they deliver the best flavour experiences from the Zennith II model.

So, finding a vape that delivers a rich and satisfying taste is crucial for a satisfying vaping experience. This is because vaping is not just about nicotine delivery but also about flavour enjoyment. A poor-tasting vape can be discouraging and make you miss the satisfaction of smoking. At the same time, a vape that delivers a rich and complex flavour profile can enhance your vaping experience and make the transition from smoking much easier.

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