Can you take Vapes on a Plane?

Can you take Vapes on a Plane?

Vaping is fun, and truth be told, it feels good to vape. Any vaper can confirm that whether you just need an instant nicotine hit or enjoy different flavours, there comes a time when you feel like it should always be within your reach.

However, different governments have regulations about where to vape when in public. So if you’re planning to travel by plane and are wondering whether you can carry your vape device with you, there are factors that determine this. For instance, airlines vary as well as local country regulations, so it depends on what country you are travelling from and where you are going.

So read on for an ultimate guide on how to go about carrying your vape into aeroplanes. You’ll also learn about everything you need to know on how to pack the vape and many other issues you need to know.

Importance of Knowing Rules for Travelling with Vape Gear

Aeroplanes feature very delicate control systems, pressure considerations and sensitive technologies that may almost get tampered with minor disruptions in them. So, considering how vapes can entail different firing mechanisms and various e-liquid tanks that may get affected by pressure variation, it is important to know the rules for air travelling with vape gear.

These rules include the following:

Compliance with regulations

Airlines keep updating their rules for everyone’s safety, so it's important to know the latest laws to avoid carrying with you items that will get confiscated at the security checkpoints.

Safety concerns

Vapes contain differently powered batteries that may be quite dangerous if packed inappropriately. So, inquiring in advance about whether an airline permits vapes on board is important for the overall safety of everyone in the plane.

Protection of your vape gears

Vape devices can be quite costly, and you wouldn’t want them mishandled, so getting to know every rule will prevent lots of mishaps when travelling from loading and offloading your luggage; if the airline has no issues with having vapes on board.

What You Cannot Bring on a Plane

Airlines vary, but here is a general outline of what you may not be allowed to carry with you into the plane. However, you may need to confirm with the specific airline before booking your ticket. These include:

Large e-liquid containers

Large containers of e-liquid that hold as much as 100ml are not permitted on aeroplanes. Some airlines will even direct that all e-liquids be placed in clear containers for screening, so again, it depends on the type of airline you intend to use.

Battery chargers with exposed wiring

Considering different atmospheric pressures in and out of the plane, vape chargers with exposed wiring are not allowed because of the short-circuiting risk and many other features.

Loose Batteries

Airlines direct that spare batteries should not be carried in your checked luggage; instead, they should be carried on your carry-on luggage unless directed otherwise.

Tips for Carrying Vapes on a Plane

If you intend to travel by air and want to bring your vape with you, here are some tips to follow to ensure your device is not confiscated as well as the safety of everyone on board the plane.

Confirm the Airline’s Policies

Different airlines have specific rules about how and where to carry your vape gear. So you must confirm with them before to know what to expect once you arrive at the airport.

Store the Vape in your Carry-on luggage

Checked luggages are often placed in a temperature and pressure-tight compartments. This means such compartments are most likely to experience fluctuation in temperature and pressure based on the plane’s height above sea level, a factor that can cause leaking and other damages. So to avoid these, it is best to place your vape in the carry-on luggage.

Store batteries in a case

If you have to carry extra vape batteries with you, ensure they are placed in an enclosed battery case. This will prevent the battery terminals from shortcircuiting a fact that can cause fires in the plane.

Check the local laws

Countries all over the world have different takes on vaping. This means some may have banned the product and so you walking into them with these devices will be a potential jail term or risk fines of caught.

Be prepared for security screening

With the vape in your carry-on bag, you must be ready to remove it and have it x-ray screened separately. Some airlines may ask you to turn it on at the screening point to confirm that it's not a prohibited product.

Bring extra supplies

If the airline is okay with you carrying the vape, bringing extra e-liquid, coils, and other supplies with you when you travel is always a good idea. This way, you'll have everything you need in case something goes wrong with your device or you run out of supplies while you're away. Top of Form

Can you vape on a plane

Just as passengers are not allowed to smoke on planes, so are you not allowed to vape in the plane. In fact, vapes generally consist of two main components, e-liquids and batteries. These are two key things that airlines generalise as hazardous.

So, to avoid different problems with the airline's security and management, do not vape from any place designated as a no-smoking zone. However, some airports have smoking areas that may not have guide signs leading you to them. This is where your prior enquiries help you to know whether you can expect to vape at the airport or not.

This means you can’t buy your vape in any country and expect to airlift it without involving the necessary parties. In addition, international vaping laws can change without notice, so it’s quite important to know specific country and airline rules about travelling with vapes.

In conclusion, you can take vapes on a plane only after confirming that it won’t have issues with the airline as well as the country you are travelling to. In addition, you must remember to carry the vape kit as well as any extra batteries in your carry-on luggage.

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