How Long Does Geek Bar Last?

How Long Does Geek Bar Last?

A Geek bar is the latest e-cigarette product introduced in the market. It is considered one of the most advanced vaping devices available.

Not only does the geek bar come with a lot of benefits, but it also works on a high-quality battery, which makes it more efficient and also more convenient to use. As a result, the geek bar also has a lot of benefits over other vape products that you can use to vape your favourite e-liquid.

Factors determining how long a geek bar vape will last

When it comes to using this device, there are many things that you need to know about it. One of the most important things you should know is how long the geek bar lasts. However, this last period depends on several factors, as outlined below.

The type of e-liquid used in the device

The stronger the e-liquids, the more power they require, which means they drain your battery faster. A lower VG content in your e-liquid results in better battery life because VG is thicker and requires more power from the atomiser coil to vaporise it than PG does.

Nicotine Level

The nicotine level of your e-juice determines how many milligrams of nicotine are in each puff. The more milligrams, the stronger the hit and the longer it lasts. A low-nicotine e-juice may last an hour or two, while a high-nicotine e-juice can last up to three or four hours. If you're an experienced vaper accustomed to higher levels of nicotine, this shouldn't be an issue for you — just make sure to stock up on extra bottles when they're on sale!

The PG/VG ratio

The PG/VG ratio is the most crucial factor determining how long a Geek Bar will last. Using a higher PG level in your e-juice can affect how long your Geek Bar will last. Using more VG than PG increases the lifespan of your vaping device, but it also affects the taste of your vape. The higher the VG level, the less you will taste it in your mouth.

How often you vape

The frequency you use your device is another important factor determining how long it will last before needing replacement parts or maintenance. For example, if you're only vaping occasionally on weekends or holidays, it could last for weeks without needing any replacements!

How well you take care of your device

If you use your geek bar vape properly and carefully, it will last for a long time. But if you don't take care of it properly, then it may get damaged within a short period. For example, if you drop the device accidentally while using it, then there are chances that your device may get damaged.

How Many Hits Are Present in a Geek Bar?

The word "hit" refers to the amount of vapour inhaled when using a vape pen. A hit is also known as inhalation or drag. A single drag from a vape pen may include several hits depending on how long it takes for the user to draw in and exhale again. The average person takes about eight seconds per drag, but this varies from person to person depending on their experience with vaping devices.

So, two main factors determine how many hits you can take from the Geek bar.

  • Battery life: If your battery is at a hundred per cent and you're using a coil with a resistance of 0.1 ohms, you'll be able to get about 500 puffs before the battery dies out.
  • How you Vape: How you vape is essential to how many hits you'll get from a geek bar vape. You'll want to use a lower voltage device if you're a cloud chaser. This will allow for more hits, as the device will heat up faster and produce more vapour. On the other hand, if you're a flavour chaser, it's best to use a higher voltage device. These devices produce less heat and vapour, allowing for better flavour and fewer puffs per hit.
  • How strong you want your hit: The stronger your hit is, the more puffs you will get from each hit. If you want more hits per puff, you need to go with stronger nicotine levels because higher nicotine levels will make your throat hurt less when vaping, so you can vape longer without taking breaks between hits.

How Do you know When a Geek Bar Runs Out?

When you're using a vape, you want to ensure it's working properly. If you don't know when a geek bar vape runs out, then there are some signs that you can look for.

It’s Not Producing Any Vapor

A good vape should produce vapour and have an aroma when it works correctly. When your vaping device isn't producing vapour or aroma, it could mean that it needs more e-juice or that the coil is burnt out.

Bad Taste in Your Mouth

If you have been using your geek bar vape for some time and then suddenly begin to notice a very strong chemical taste, this could mean that there are impurities in your e-liquid. So, if your e-liquid contains impurities, they will most probably settle at the base of the e-juice. So the strange tastes could mean you are at the very base of the e-liquid.

The Battery Life Reduces Significantly

Since vapes are designed to work with lithium-ion batteries, they will eventually lose their capacity over time. Unfortunately, this means they will take longer to charge and won't last as long when used. You'll probably notice this because the battery life will gradually decrease until it's almost impossible to use them!


Many factors can contribute to a complicated answer to how long geek bars last. From your vaping turns to other signals you can note on the taste, you can always tell when you'll need to get another vape if you use a disposable geek bar vape. In addition, some geek bar vape kits come with light indicators, which can also notify you of different stages in your vape pens, including when the geek bar has run out.

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