How to fix a disposable vape that won't hit?

How to fix a disposable vape that won't hit?

This post will explain why your disposable vape isn't hitting and how you can fix it. If you want to avoid defective disposables, ones that die too soon, or boring and flavourless vape pens, check out the top-rated disposables, which have been hand-picked by vaping specialists.

What Exactly is a Disposable Vape?

Disposables are one-time-use, non-refillable vapes that must be discarded after usage. They operate immediately and are the most popular type of vape nowadays because of their simplicity and convenience.

Having said that, they now come in various forms and sizes, with features like charging ports and adjustable ventilation.

The Wide Variety of Disposable Vape Pens

Disposable vapes may be used for a variety of purposes. Nicotine, CBD, and Delta-8 are the most common drugs for which disposable vapes are now available. It is critical to realise that the underlying disposable battery and vape systems function essentially identically regardless of what is vaped.

Understanding the Operation of a Disposable Vape Pen

A disposable vape is typically designed like a little pen or a USB-like gadget. However, devices are growing in size and can now resemble larger "box mod" type vapes with puff counts over 10000. Disposables, despite their many forms, sizes, and puff counts, are made up of the same five fundamental components:

  • Outer casing and mouthpiece
  • Coil/atomiser
  • Tank or cotton
  • Battery
  • Vape juice
  • Charging port (on rechargeable disposable vapes only)

The nicotine, CBD, or delta-8-containing vape juice is held in a tank or within high-quality filament material, which is utilised to retain the e-liquid until the coil is heated, generating the vapour subsequently inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Most disposable vape pens cannot be recharged and can only be used once; however, some bigger disposables now have a charging connector that may be used to recharge the device once the battery has died.

Why is Your Brand-new Disposable Vape Not Hitting or Working?

There are various reasons why a new disposable vape may not operate immediately.


  • It's a faulty or defective item
  • The battery is dead/empty
  • The vape juice has poured out, and there is no longer any in the tank
  • When you inhale, you block the airflow openings at the bottom of the device

Faulty Unit

Regretfully, if a disposable vaporiser does not operate right out of the box, there is usually little you can do about it. If you inhale through the mouthpiece of the disposable vape and there is no vapour created and no flashing light, the gadget is a defective unit/dud.

If this is the case, return the vaporiser to the store where you purchased it and get a refund or replacement. To reduce the odds of purchasing a faulty disposable, buy from a reputed brand or shop with reliable customer service.

The Battery is Empty

If a red or orange LED blinks after you hit your new throwaway, this shows that the battery is empty. While it is uncommon, a battery may have been incorrectly charged or experienced battery depletion during shipping from the plant.

Again, if this is the case, you should request a refund immediately and return the gadget to where you purchased it.

Leaking Vape Juice

If your new disposable is coated in liquid, it is an indication that the vape juice within has spilt everywhere and may be the cause of your device's failure. This is unusual for new gadgets because most are sealed, but it can happen.

Covering Airflow Holes

If you're having trouble inhaling on your new disposable, it might be because you're covering the airflow holes, which are normally located at the bottom of the vape. One or two small openings at the bottom of the casing must be open and not blocked for air to enter the device during inhalation.

What should you do if your used disposable stops hitting?

Make sure the mouthpiece is not obstructed.

Something may have gotten inside the mouthpiece and is now obstructing the airflow. First, check to see if it's clear; if not, remove and unblock any material you notice to free up the airflow.

Check if the Battery is Still Operational

When you inhale on a disposable vape, you will often see a steady light emerge on the device. If the light is stable and not flashing, the gadget is operational, and the battery is charged. If the battery is flashing, it is dead or likely to die shortly.

If you have a rechargeable disposable vape, it is time to recharge it; otherwise, dispose of it with other lithium-ion powered devices in a designated drop-off location for electronics recycling.


Avoid Extremely Lengthy and Forceful Inhales

For safety concerns, disposables often have an automated cut-off time of 8-10 seconds. If you go above this time limit, the gadget will shut off automatically.

Allow the Gadget to Rest Between Impacts to Avoid Overheating

Keep your throwaway out of direct sunlight and excessively heated situations. Also, avoid vigorous chain vaping, which might cause your disposable to overheat. Instead, allow your vape pen to rest between hits and puffs to prevent overheating.

Do Not Cover the Airflow Openings

If you're having trouble inhaling on a disposable vape, you may be blocking the airflow holes, usually located near the bottom of the device. One or two small openings at the bottom of the casing must be open and not blocked for air to enter the device during inhalation.

Why Did Your Disposable Vape Pen Stop Working Before it Ran Out of Juice?

It is critical to remember that a disposable battery will run out of vape juice (whether CBD, Delta-8, or nicotine). The devices are designed to function as a way to keep the user from experiencing what is known in the vaping market as a "burnt hit".

This occurs when the device warms up, but no vape juice is left in the vaporiser, resulting in the user inhaling a mouthful of foul-tasting vapour!


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