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Aroma King has been in the vaping industry for a short while but has already made its mark. The vape manufacturer was founded in 2019 and has quickly gained notoriety among vapers for its incredible range of disposable vape devices crafted for individuals that want to vape smarter and enjoy the exploits of vaping.

Aroma King specialises in making flavourful and affordable vapes while focusing on quality and safety. The brand is vaper-centric and highly devoted to creating an immersive and unforgettable vaping experience for every vaper that gives its products a try.

The brand is founded on its ethos; the customer is king, innovation and quality and the ability to meet global demands quickly while avoiding bureaucracy. These pillars have propelled the brand to the success it currently enjoys.

Aroma King Product Range

Aroma King has put together an impressive range of vape products despite being one of the newer brands in the vape industry. A lot of thought has gone into the hardware with meticulous execution. Each product has its identity and oozes quality from the inside out.

Disposable Vapes

This is the most popular product range under Aroma King. It features multiple disposable vapes to cater to vapers at different stages of their vaping experience. Each disposable vape is carefully crafted to deliver an exceptional experience and surpass your expectations.

Aroma King nicotine-free range

The Aroma nicotine-free range is a series of disposable vapes that comes with 0mg nicotine strength. The disposable vapes come in multiple tropical flavours for an indulging vaping experience. The disposable vapes deliver up to 600 puffs and are ready to vape right out of the box.

Each device is colour-coded according to its flavour, so you don't confuse your devices and it has a compact and portable design that allows you to enjoy your vape wherever you are. The draw-activated feature means the devices don't have any buttons and makes it easier for new vapers to operate them without any challenges.

Aroma King – Air Control 1600

The Aroma King –Air Control 1600 is a disposable vape that delivers over 1600 puffs and contains 20mg of nicotine. It is ideal for new vapers transitioning from smoking and wanting a disposable vape that will keep up with their nicotine cravings.

Besides the high volume capacity of the vape, the Air Control also has other impressive features that are convenient and useful, especially for first-time vapers. It is draw-activated and has an LED light glows at the bottom of the e-cig. The LED light flashes when the device is depleted, so you know when it’s time to replace it.

The high number of puffs also makes the Air Control 1600 irresistible to seasoned vapers because it lasts longer, and you don’t have to carry as many devices when going on a trip. You also get to choose from a wide range of flavours depending on what your taste buds are in the mood for.

Aroma King Gem 600

Aroma King has been pushing the limits of disposable vapes and trying to ensure new vapers can get better performance from their devices without adding intimidating features and buttons that make it harder for new users to make the most out of their new devices.

The Aroma King Gem 600 is one of those devices that push those limits. Although it delivers 600 puffs, it has a 2ml tank capacity and a powerful 500mAh battery. The device is draw-activated and comes in various flavours for vapers to choose from.

Aroma King 5500

The Aroma King 5500 is not your typical disposable vape. It doesn't have the standard pen-style design and is larger. But it still incorporates all the other features of a disposable vape that have made them the popular vape devices they are today.

The Aroma King 5500 has a 2ml e-juice capacity and 20mg nicotine strength. It is powered by a 650mAh battery, one of the most powerful in the disposable vape category. The device delivers a stunning 5500 puffs. It's perfect for vapers on the road for prolonged periods and those who don't want to carry multiple devices when travelling.

It has a flagon-shaped design and dual coils for extraordinary flavour and vapour production. It's perfect for ambitious first-time vapers who still want to enjoy the portable and compact design of disposable vapes' stress-free operation.

Aroma King has the most impressive disposable vapes range on the market. The different types of disposable vapes make it easy for vapers to find an option that matches their vaping needs and nicotine intake.

Whether you’re looking for a compact, portable device that will break you into the world of vaping without any nicotine intake, or you want a ferocious performer that delivers exceptional flavour and vapour without having to refill the vape, change the coils or clean the hardware regularly, Aroma King has just the option for you.

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