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Vapito is a leading brand that was established in 2016. It has remained relevant through the vaping boom through quality and unique vape hardware designs that have seen them compared to other market leaders like Aspire.

Vapito specialises in starter kits for beginners, emphasising mouth-to-lung usability and disposable vapes under the Beco brand. The company also has sub-ohm kits for advanced users.

The Quality of Vapito Products

Vapito has created a name for itself by creating quality yet affordable vape hardware. The brand enforces a high level of quality across its product range. The devices produced by Vapito are easy to use and have quality, clear and easy-to-read screen displays.

The brand has also invested in an ISO cleanroom where it manufactures and assembles its products to maintain the highest levels of quality and quality control.

Safety and Reliability

Vapito has developed a revolutionary and proprietary chip in most devices to maintain safety and reliability. The devices also have built-in features that protect the device from short-circuiting or running too hot.

Other features that Vapito incorporates into its products to ensure they are reliable and safe include an aluminium alloy case for the devices and stainless steel for their tanks. These assist in heat dissipation and also ensure the device is sturdy and durable and can be relied on.

How Long Do Vapito Products Last?

The duration and length of service of Vapito products vary depending on the product you purchase. Most sub-ohm vapes and tanks can last up to three years with everyday use, while others have been reported to last as long as seven years with proper care and maintenance.  

For the best service and durability, maintenance on Vapito vape hardware should be conducted every 3-4 weeks to maintain a high level of performance.

What Are the Most Popular Vapito Products?

Vapito’s range of products is mainly designed for starters. But recently, the manufacturer has also added disposables to their line that come in various flavours and strengths. The most popular products under the Vapito umbrella are:

Beco bar

The Beco bar might be the most recent addition to the Vapito product range, but its popularity has spread like wildfire, driven by the heightened demand for disposable vapes among new vapers and former smokers.

Beco Bars are designed for easy and convenient use. They come in a wide range of flavours and strengths ranging from 10 to 50mg. The disposable vapes give new vapers a simple and effective introduction to vaping without the intimidating buttons and screens witnessed in the more advanced devices. Vapers choosing the Beco bar have an extensive range of flavours to choose from, depending on their flavour preference.

Cosmo kit

This is a smaller kit designed for new and intermediate vapers. It has a power output that ranges from 1 – 30w watts and has a built-in battery capacity of 1500mAh. The kit comes with the Cosmo tank, which has two Vapito replacement coils, but you can also use the Aspire Nautilus replacement coils.

The Cosmo kit has a restricted mouth-to-lung vaping style that borders on a restricted direct-to-lung hit.

Cosmo A1 

The Cosmo A1 is another popular piece of vape hardware under the Vapito brand. It is a pen-style starter kit designed for mouth-to-lung vaping. It is designed with ex-smokers in mind and to deliver an experience similar to smoking a cigarette.

The Cosmo A1 kit has a 900mAh built-in battery and a button-free design. You twist the ring at the bottom of the device to turn it on. It is draw-activated, which takes most of the guesswork from operating the device.  

The Cosmo A1 is one of the easiest devices to use in the Vapito product range out of the Beco bars. It’s ideal for more demanding vapers and former smokers looking to quit smoking with the help of vaping.

The Vapito Capt’n

For the ardent and most seasoned vapers, Vapito has the Vapito Capt’n, a 200W, dual 18650 removable battery device with variable wattage from 10 – 200W. It has a 1.35-inch display that is clear and responsive to use.

Are Vapito Products Covered By a Warranty?

Vapito products are covered by a 90-day warranty from the day of delivery when purchased directly from their shop. However, your product might not be covered by the warranty if you purchase the product from an unauthorised third party seller. The Vapito warranty does not cover the following;

  • When you cannot provide the original receipt of the purchase
  • Failure or damage caused by improper use of the device
  • Failure or damage caused by using components incompatible with the device or non-Vapito components.
  • If the device is modified in any way
  • If you purchased the device through an unauthorised seller.

Besides the warranty, Vapito also has an easy user guide for each of the products, which should help you troubleshoot any potential problems. If the user guide doesn't help, there's also a responsive support email that is available.

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