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Doozy NIX Disposable Vape

Doozy NIX Disposable Vape

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The NIX disposable vape by Doozy Vape Co is easy and convenient to use. Filled with 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid in your choice of either 20mg, 10mg or 0mg (nicotine free) and powered by a 500mAh battery, this device can deliver up to 600 puffs

  • Up to 600 puffs
  • Draw Activated
  • Simple Design
  • 2ml Nicotine Salt
  • 7 Incredible Flavours
  • Available in 0mg, 10mg or 20mg

Use according to instructions and ensure the product is out of reach to children. Please note that this product may also contain traces of nuts.

Doozy Nix Disposable Vape is a new invention in the world of vaping. This product has been created by a company that produces some of the best disposable vapes in the market today. The main feature of this product is that it can be used with any kind of e-liquid without any issues.

The main reason why people prefer Doozy Nix Disposable Vape over other products is that it does not require users to refill their cartridges, which makes it very convenient for them. It also has a very high nicotine content level, so you can easily get your hands on this product without worrying about it being too strong or weak for your needs. It's the perfect way to enjoy your favourite cannabis strains anywhere, even when you're out and about. The Doozy Nix is an all-in-one device that includes everything you need for a quick, discreet vaping session.

Why Doozy Nix Disposable Vape?

Doozy Nix is a great choice if you are looking for a disposable vape. It is made from the highest quality materials and has a very long lifespan. The 500mAh battery life of this device is also impressive, allowing you to use it for long periods before replacing it.

This product has several features that make it stand out from other devices on the market today. These include:

It offers mouth-to-lung vaping

The Doozy Nix disposable vape is an excellent choice if you are looking for a disposable vape that can offer mouth-to-lung vaping. It comes with adjustable airflow control, allowing you to control the airflow to get the right amount of flavour and vapour. It also comes with a leakproof design, so you will not have any problems with leaks or spills.

It has an easy-to-use design

The Doozy Nix disposable vape pen is one of the best options for anyone looking to vape on the go. The device is made with a high-quality, durable, long-lasting material that can withstand heavy use without breaking down or wearing down. In addition, the device comes with a wide range of features that make it a great choice for anybody who wants to enjoy vaping without worrying about breaking or losing their device.

Its pocket friendly

If you're looking for a quality vape pen that won't break your budget, then this is one of the best options on the market today. With its high-quality construction and durable design, this device will stand up to years of heavy use without needing any maintenance whatsoever.

Its convenient

The Doozy Nix is an excellent choice for anybody who loves vaping but doesn't want to carry around a large battery pack with them. This device has been designed specifically with those concerns in mind, so you can enjoy all of the benefits of vaping without worrying about running out of juice halfway through your day.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Doozy Nix Disposable Vape

The Doozy Nix disposable vape has a good design, comes in a wide range of colours, and it's very affordable for anyone looking to get into vaping.

If you want to buy this vape, you should know its features and specifications before you decide to purchase one. Here are some things that you should consider before buying Doozy Nix Disposable Vape:

Battery Life

The battery life of the Doozy Nix disposable vape is fairly short. It gives you about 600 puffs depending on how much you use it and if you're using different flavours. If you're going to be using this device every day, then we recommend getting an extra Doozy nix vape so that you have backups when your current one runs out.

Legal Age

The legal age of a person to purchase and/or use Doozy Nix Disposable Vape depends on the state. The law states that selling or giving away any tobacco product to individuals under 18 years of age is illegal. This includes electronic cigarettes, e-juice, vaporizers and other similar products that deliver nicotine.

Nicotine Content

The nicotine content of the Doozy Nix Disposable Vape ranges from 0 mg to 20 mg. This makes it possible to choose how much nicotine you want to consume per day or week. Some people prefer to use low-nicotine vapes because they don't want their bodies to become addicted to nicotine. If you are one of these people, you will find that most e-cigarettes have a low-nicotine content, allowing you to reduce your nicotine intake without becoming addicted to it. Others prefer higher levels of nicotine because they want an intense hit when they vape so they can get their fix quickly without having to wait around all day for their next fix.


The Doozy Nix Disposable Vape is a convenient, portable and easy-to-use device that can be used anywhere. The flavour of the Doozy Nix Disposable Vape is very nice, and you will not get tired of it. It has different flavours, including strawberry, banana, blueberry, watermelon and lemon.

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