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HYPPE Plus Disposable Vape

HYPPE Plus Disposable Vape

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The HYPPE Disposable Enclosed Pod System device comes in a sleek design that can simply be used and discarded. Its convenience, small size, and ease of operation make it one of the most popular vape choices.

This device contains 20mg of salt nicotine.

  • 280mAh Built-In Battery
  • Manual draw activation
  • Approx. 400 puffs per device
  • 1.6ml Pod Capacity
  • 20mg nic salt e-liquid 

The disposable vape market now features multiple brands. For vapers, that means you have unlimited opportunities for flavour and devices customised to your vaping preferences. Hyppe Disposable Vape is an outstanding option, perfect for when you’re leaving the house and don’t have a lot of pocket space, or you want to start vaping but don’t want to feel overwhelmed by tanks and mods.

The disposable vape is prefilled with your selected juice and a pre-charged battery. It removes all the responsibilities associated with vaping, like cleaning and maintaining the vape, and lets you focus on enjoying it. Using the Hyppe Disposable Vape is as simple as taking the device out of the packaging when you first receive it and enjoying your vape almost immediately.

Hyppe Disposable Vape Specifications

The Hyppe Disposable Vape has unique features and specifications to deliver amazing performance for new and experienced users. Some of the primary specifications the device offers include the following;

  • It comes prefilled with 1.3ml of E-juice
  • 5% of nicotine salt
  • LED puff indicator
  • 280mAh battery
  • 15+ different flavour
  • Size 94x15x6mm

Design and Build Quality

The Hyppe Disposable Vape has a typical disposable vape design. It is thin and shaped like a long rectangle which is the same design that most vapes on the market have. The selection of this design is not just for the aesthetic appearance but also for functionality. The design keeps the device compact and minimises the space required to carry it, whether you put it in your pocket or your luggage.

Hyppe bars are not as big as other brands like the Elf Bar and don't weigh as much, either. They are thin, light, and easily slip into the front jeans pocket. If you need to carry a few of these at a time, you shouldn't have any problems.

Each Hyppe Disposable Vape bar has a soft, semi-rubberised coating for ergonomics and protection. The coating gives the device a high-quality feeling which is surprising given the price point of the device.

The devices come in different colours. The colour of the device corresponds to its vape juice flavour. For instance, the orange soda flavour will have an orange colour, while frozen bananas will have a yellow colour.

The device's unique bright colours and square shape have many people commenting and saying the device looks like a carpenter's pencil when vaping, which is an extra advantage when you want to vape discretely.

The branding on the Hyppe Disposable Vape Bar is minimal. The Hyppe Bar logo sits at the bottom of the device, and the flavour is printed on the front so you won’t mix the flavours.

There’s also an LED on the bottom of each Hyppe bar that lights up when you draw from the device. It helps you count the puffs and also notifies you when the device is running low, and you need to start thinking of a replacement.

The Hyppe Bar is good for about 300 puffs. However, the exact number of puffs you get from the device will vary depending on your vaping tendencies.

Vape Juice 

The diversity in flavours is the leading reason the Hyppe Disposable Vape has become so popular. There are over 15 flavours for vapers to choose from, most of them inspired by tropical fruits. Each flavour is unique and delivers an accurate experience.

The Hyppe Disposable Vape has one of the strongest nicotine strengths among disposable vapes. Most devices come with 20mg of nicotine strength in their devices, but the Hyppe Bar has 50mg of nicotine strength. It caters to former chain smokers who have a higher nicotine appetite. With up 5% nicotine strength, the Hyppe Bar will easily keep up with the most demanding nicotine strength.

Performance and Vapour Quality

When choosing a disposable vape, its performance and vapour quality are some of the priorities you should consider.

The performance and vapour production of Hyppe Bars is rather impressive. The device has a nice and tight draw with a strong throat hit which is what you should expect partly because of the ample nicotine strength. The feeling is satisfying and enjoyable.

The vapour production from all the flavours is perfect, which is commendable even among cloud chasers.

Whether you’re new to vaping and looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use device or an experienced vaper looking for a portable device that delivers your nicotine when you need it, the Hyppe Disposable Vape fits the description perfectly.

The device works flawlessly, doesn’t leak and doesn’t give any problems. It’s a simple and pleasant way to get your vaping journey started on the right foot.

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