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Smok Disposable Vape

Smok Disposable Vape

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 Smok Disposable Vape Specification

Smok is one of the most trusted and reputable vape brands. It’s known worldwide for its revolutionary and high-quality vape hardware. The Smok Mbar adds to a line of exceptional vaping devices that have defined the vape industry and is the first true disposable vape from Smok.

The Smok Mbar disposable vape stays true to the design ethos that has made Smok the brand it is today. It is elegant and outstanding. It delivers an amazing vape performance that every new and experienced vaper will love.

Design and Appearance

One of the reasons Smok has remained relevant and dominant over the years is its spot-on elegant, and functional designs. The Smok Disposable vape follows in the same footprints sporting a classy, elegant, simple design that is welcoming to new vapers.

Instead of the pen-shaped design that most disposable vapes have, the Smok Disposable Vape has a flatter design that makes it more compact and ergonomic. It fits perfectly in your hand for discrete vaping.

Smok keeps the appearance of the design simple with one uniform, solid colour. Contrary to other brands that colour-code their disposable vapes depending on the flavour, all of Smok’s disposable vapes come in a black colour with white labelling that gives the devices a nice contrast.

Overall, the devices feel solid in your hand and although lightweight, they feel sturdy and built to withstand the rigours of on-the-road use. The vape has a leak-proof design which removes the worry of finding vape juice all over your clothes. 

Vape Juice

The Mbar disposable vape comes in a range of eight delectable flavours. Each flavour is masterfully blended to deliver fantastic flavour and vapour production. The flavours are tropical fruit inspired but have other blends to make them exotic with a different twist. They include;

  • Orange soda
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • Grape Ice
  • Menthol
  • Mango Ice
  • Strawberry Ice

The vape juice is carried in a 1.3 pre-filled tank. Besides the choice of flavours, the Smok Disposable Vape also gives vapers the choice of between 10 or 20mg of nicotine strength. The choice allows vapers to choose a vape that best meets their nicotine strength which is crucial in satisfying their nicotine cravings, especially for those transitioning from smoking.

Air-Driven activation

New vapers may find the multiple buttons and settings on the advanced vaporisers intimidating and might get in the way of them enjoying their vape. Also, using such vapes on the road can be tedious and challenging. The Smok Disposable Vape delivers the big boy experience without all the buttons and screens. The device has no buttons at all. It is draw-activated. There are no buttons to fiddle with or press while you vape. Simple pull the device out of its packaging and place it in your mouth, and you’re ready to go.

The air-driven feature eliminates learning curves. It allows new vapers to start enjoying vaping from the first draw instead of trying to understand the device's operation.

LED indicator

The Smok Disposable Vape also features a useful LED indicator at the bottom of the device. The indicator has several functions; it notifies you when the device is running and when your vape juice is running out to prevent dry hits and give you enough time to replace it.


The Smok Disposable Vape is paired with a 280mAh battery that supplies an output wattage of between 6-8W. The battery also has an output voltage of 3.1V-3.5V. The output ratings are impressive for a device of its size, delivering amazing flavour and vapour output. The pod resistance of 2 ohms is just as impressive. These figures show that the Smok Disposable Vape is not just for new vapers. It can also keep up with the more demanding experienced vapers looking for something portable and compact that they can use on the road.

The Smok Disposable vape is the ultimate vape for those that want the finer things in life. It is dependable, durable and easily top of its class. Made by a leading vape brand, the device features quality materials that give it a sturdy yet lightweight feeling and a compact design that is perfect for vapers who are always on the go.

Smok carefully balances the performance of the device to ensure it caters to vapers from either extreme of vaping experience. For new vapers, the device is easy to use, produces vapour at the right temperature and allows vapers to choose their nicotine strength. For experienced vapers, the Smok Disposable Vape delivers exceptional performance. It has multiple flavours with a menthol hit that delivers that exquisite throat hit, and vapers can choose the higher nicotine strength to suit their superior nicotine cravings.


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