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Tasty Fruity Zoom Bar Disposable Vape

Tasty Fruity Zoom Bar Disposable Vape

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Tasty Fruity presents a fantastic disposable vape featuring their premium e-liquids. Perfect for on the go vaping.

Available in 20 different flavour profiles!

Tasty Fruity Zoom Bar Disposable Vape Specifications

Simply Inhale to activated
2ml E-Liquid Capacity
20mg Nicotine
500mAh Battery Capacity
Stylish ergonomic design

Box Content

1x Tasty Fruity Zoom Bar Disposable Vape device

Tasty Fruit Zoom bar is one of the best-selling and leading vape liquid brands in the vape industry. The device is made in Malaysia and comes in various delicious flavours that you will love. Tasty Fruit Zoom has taken everything people love about disposable vapes and squeezed it into one compact, portable device that allows you to enjoy vaping wherever you are.

For new vapers looking for something catchy, easy to use and that you can take anywhere you go, the Tasty Fruit Zoom Bar is the perfect choice. It's a unique-looking disposable vape that delivers the perfect vaping experience to new and seasoned vapers.


Tasty Fruity has always been known to have a unique creative approach, and the same is evident in their Tasty Fruity Zoom Bar. The overall shape of the device is very similar to what you would get from other vapes. But Tasty fruity has added a few touches that make their device stand out and create an identity for itself.

The Tasty Fruity Zoom Bar has a stylish and ergonomic design with outstanding colour finishes, making this an amazing option for vapers that love devices that grab attention.

The disposable vapes come in a range of 20 different colours, each representing one of the 20 flavours available. At the top, the device has a shiny finish, and a matte finish at the bottom also gives the device a nice grip and feel when sitting in your hand.

The device has a nice solid build that feels sturdy. Everything is neatly wrapped into one unit that, gives that device a feeling of elegance and class. If you’re the type of vaper that loves the finer things in life, you’ll love what the Tasty Fruity Zoom disposable vape offers from a design perspective.


Vapers have always expressed the need to have disposable vapes with longer-lasting and higher-capacity batteries to deliver better performance and a better vaping experience. Most manufacturers have responded positively, and Tasty Fruity hasn’t been left behind.

The Tasty Fruity Zoom Bar is paired with a powerful 500mAh battery which is quite impressive for a 600-puff device. The built-in battery delivers instant ramp-up and consistent performance, ensuring vapers get the best experience from the vape from the first to the last vape.

Inhale activate

The inhale-activate features are among the reason disposable vapes have become popular. Although vaping devices are cool, the many features and terms can sometimes be intimidating, especially to first-time users who don't know how to get to the right setting.

Disposable vapes like the Tasty Fruity Zoom Bar have a buttonless, inhale-activated design. This saves new vapers from having to learn the terms and operation of the device and instead focus on getting the best vaping experience from their first draw. This feature makes the device beginner friendly because you can use the device right out of the package without any prior vaping experience.

Vape Juice

The Tasty Fruity brand is best known for its sweet and zingy flavours that are appreciated worldwide. The Tasty Fruity Zoom Bar incorporates some of the brand’s best flavours to deliver a sumptuous experience to vapers.

Tasty Fruity Zoom Bars come in a selection of 20 delectable fruity flavours that are guaranteed to leave your taste buds in bliss. Each of the flavours is carefully blended to replicate that tropical experience no matter where you are.

The flavours come in a 50/50 VG/PG blend that emphasises flavour production as much as vapour production to deliver a balanced experience and appeal to those from either divide of the flavour or vapour chasing camps.

Combined with the battery and powerful coils in the device, vapers are treated to a tasty and vapour-filled experience when using the Tasty Fruity Zoom bar.

Besides the flavour, vapers enjoy the satisfying throat hit of the 20mg of salt nicotine added to each flavour. The addition of nicotine makes this disposable vape an ideal option for former smokers looking to quit with the help of vaping.


The simplified design of disposable vapes means vapers don’t have access to vital features like a display showing you the remaining capacity of your battery. That exposes you to higher chances of vaping dry hits, which can impact your vaping experience. Tasty Fruity Zoom Bar solves this problem using an LED at the bottom of the device. The LED flashes multiple times as your battery is dying out, which gives you enough time to replace the vape and also prevents dry hits.

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