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VYKO Paper Bar Disposable

VYKO Paper Bar Disposable

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The Paper Bar is the first UK made disposable that is constructed using paper!

The whole exterior shell can be recycled along with the silicone mouthpiece and bottom. It is a much more sustainable product compared to plastic disposables as it creates much less waste and helps reduce pollution.

Fitted with a 450mAh battery and filled with 2ml of delicious 20mg Salt E-Liquid, the Paper Bar will give you 800 puffs to enjoy.

The Paper Bar is the latest addition to the VYKO family. It is a 450mAh disposable capable of producing 800 amazing puffs (200 puffs more than most disposables on the UK market). Furthermore, the Paper Bar shell is composed of paper.

Replacing plastic with paper produces far less trash than conventional disposables, lowering your carbon footprint, reducing the need for raw material collection, saving energy, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and preventing pollution.

Each disposable comes with 2ml of tantalising 20mg Salt Nicotine E-Liquid. So join us as we revolutionise the vaping business one bar at a time.

What Exactly is a VYKO Paper Bar Disposable?

As a refillable pod system, an empty vape kit with no e-liquid is available. You buy the equipment and fill your pods separately from the vape juice. When a pod runs out, you'll refill it.

The flavour quality of a vape pod usually lasts through several refills before diminishing. Depending on how the device is constructed, you will change the atomiser coil or the whole pod.

What Exactly is a Disposable Vape Pen?

A disposable Vape pen typically includes a storage tank, battery, heating element, and mouthpiece. A storage tank is a container of electronic liquid containing unique tastes and nicotine.

This delivers the flavours of your choice for vape pens. Batteries, on the other hand, power the heating element that warms the juice in the tank, converting it to steam. Inhale this vape through the mouthpiece for complete relaxation.

What is the Appeal of Disposable Vape Pens?

There are several explanations for this. It is simple to carry it with you anywhere, and it is prudent to do so. They are also simple, stress-free, and entertaining to use. After all, you can experiment with other tastes. 

These gadgets are worth the money, and you may utilise them in disposable vapes in a flash; disposable vape pens are fantastic. These vaping gadgets are part of the most recent technologies for E-Cigarette users. If you have recently shifted from smoking to vaping, browsing disposable Vape pens is a good idea.

What are the Advantages of Utilising a Disposable Vape Pen?

Vaping has several advantages over smoking. To begin with, vaping is not as harmful as smoking. Unlike smoking, which induces emphysema, lung cancer, as well as other life-threatening conditions, inhaling steam does not expose you to a slew of dangerous chemicals. The best part is that you can still buy disposable pens.

Vaping is More Cost-effective

Like other frequent users, you will be concerned about the cost of your vaping habit. Buying a moderate Vape pen or a more potent Vape pod might be costly. It would help if you also considered the costs of charging and refilling, as well as the cost of maintenance. The stress of routine cleaning eats both time and energy.

Flavour Variations

Disposable vapes are quick and easy to use, and they come in a variety of flavours. The withdrawal symptoms are minimal when you quit smoking and switch to vaping. It's simple to transition from one habit to another because you only need a disposable vape pack. Choose your preferred flavour so you can enjoy your delectable inhalation. When the battery or juice runs out, discard it.

There is No Upkeep

There is no need to set up, refill, or charge a disposable vape. This type of equipment is preferable if you wish to quit smoking. You don't need to assemble pods or clean pipes, whether a novice or an expert vaper. There is also no need to connect the tank to the pipe or add heat.


Disposable vapes are both fashionable and portable. The 250g vape kit in your luggage may impact your comfort.

These devices might take up room for load restrictions. Instead, you can travel with a 20g disposable vape pen that fits a little space in your bag. It is an excellent decision if you are on a short journey. As with, you do not need to stress about the smoke creating an unpleasant stench on your clothes when inhaling the vapour. This is the opposite of smoking.

Nicotine Potency

The benefit of vaping is that you may gradually lower your nicotine consumption or even stop it entirely if you choose. Using refilled pods will make this procedure go more smoothly. In addition, you may always pick items with lesser nicotine concentration because more e-juices can be utilised in refillable cartridges.

Because pre-filled cartridges often have just one or two nicotine levels, lowering intake is significantly more difficult.


With these disposable vape perks and advantages, you may enjoy the pleasures of nicotine in the most relaxing, tasty, and handy manner possible. If you're trying to quit smoking, disposable vapes are ideal. The low upkeep and overall elegance are well worth the price. So, get yours right now!!


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